Exploring the elements

Hatha Yoga & 5 Element Conscious Movement Practice Retreat

at La Gomera, Canary Islands


6 days of healing, strengthening and rejuvenating yoga and conscious movement practice exploring the five elements with Daniel Ekholm och Jonathan Pritchard


A yoga and movement retreat at the magic island La Gomera.


Welcome to Exporing the Elemets – A Hatha Yoga and conscious movement practice retreat with Daniel Ekholm and Jonathan Pritchard.

-So far offered at La Gomera, Canary Islands.



The ”conscious movement practice” is led by Daniel who has been practicing the 5Rhythms since 2001, has a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts, is a certified yoga teacher, trained in Native American Medicine since 2000, a teacher in bodywork, personal development, leadership and more since twenty years.

The movement practice is based in moving with the five elements with different rhythms and guidance that give space for a lot of exploration and free expression for the body.

It is an experience that moves us thoroughly and intuitively on a journey through the five elements, the inner experience of movement and our different aspects of ourselves.




Native American Teachings

Holistic teachings of a native american medicine wheel will support the understanding of the elements, self & others, health, how to use energy in a balanced way and much more.

The holistic relationship of native teachings bring a lot of beauty and understanding to life that many people in the modern world has lost and find very helpful to support balance in todays society.


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Hatha Yoga

The Hatha yoga is led by Jonathan and is a beautiful way to work with the body.

In the yoga we will also work with the five elements, where Jonathan guides you to explore the different aspects of each elements in the different positions and understandings of the practice of hatha yoga.


Jonathan has taught Yoga to thousands of people over the last 17 years and has practiced yoga for 30 years. He has a down to earth approach to yoga and meditation which makes it accessible to everyone from beginners to advanced students.


A powerful combnation 

Together the movement and the yoga will support our bodies’ need for healing and rejuvenation.

This is an opportunity for a real treat in a beautiful environment, with good food, heartful people, great native teachings, music, movement and more.


Celebrate yourself and life, enjoy, relax and let go.

Give yourself a gift and participate!




DATES: Next retreat at La Gomera preliminary 2024

LOCATION: Argayall retreatcenter, La Gomera Island www.argayall.com


Course fee: 4 900 SEK.



Accommodation & food (3 magnificent vegetarian buffet meals every day)

(Saturday – Saturday, 7 days) from 79 € per day.

Prices for accommodation depends on room type, contact Mona for specific prices.

Travel expenses are not included, you book your own flight, but we can help you with travel planning if needed.




FLIGHTS: You book your own flight to the South Airport of Tenerife Island. Book as soon as
possible for good offers!

We recommend that you fly to Tenerife south on the day befor so you can catch the morning ferry to La Gomera on the day the retreat starts. Check with us for nearby places to stay the first night!




E-mail Mona at mona.edwertz@gmail.com to book your room and transfer the registration fee to BG 216-0968 (Mona Edwertz) to book your place. Please write your name and  ”La Gomera”with the payment. Phone number: +46(0)707-93 93 23.


For payment from abroad:

IBAN: SE16 5000 0000 0510 8102 5255

Bic/swift: ESSESESS

Bank: SEB Account holder: Mona Edwertz


Warmly welcome!!


Daniel & Jonathan




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